The Winning Ecommerce

TWE 31: Building a Killer Social Media Strategy to Attract and Retain Millennials

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Winning Ecommerce Experience Show, Amr Kawashti from In Your Shoe discusses how to build a brand that focuses on selling to millennials. Amr discusses content strategy and winning social media tactics to increase engagement and loyalty from millennial customers.

Episode Notes

In this episode of The Winning  Ecommerce Experience Show, Amr Kawashti from In Your Shoe talks about the strategy he has used successfully to attract and retain millennials for his online socks business. Specifically, Amr talks about: 

- How to adjust your marketing strategy to changing customer behaviour 

- Maximising the ROI from your ad spend, how to spend money wisely on Google and Facebook ads to attract millennials 

- How to incorporate storytelling to build loyal followers

Amr Kawashti is the co-founder and managing partner of In Your Shoe, a unique fashion producer & ecommerce platform focusing on creating diverse statement products to allow people to express themselves in a unique way. 

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