The Winning Ecommerce

TWE 38: Building an 8 Figure Ecommerce Business Through Sheer Grit

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Winning Ecommerce Experience Show, Shahram Anver speaks to Chase Fisher from Blenders Eyewear. He discusses how he grew his business with a loan and crowdfunding into an iconic San Diego brand.

Episode Notes

In this episode of The Winning  Ecommerce Experience Show, Chase Fisher talks about using crowdfunding as a successful entry point to his sunglasses ecommerce empire today. Specifically, he talks about:


- Shopify: What makes a good ecommerce marketing strategy?

- Want the best products for your business? Learn from your customers

- How to build a successful brand identity


Chase Fisher is the founder of Blenders Eyewear, a successful sunglasses brand and a company based in San Diego.

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