The Winning Ecommerce

TWE 39: How to Run A Successful Ecommerce Business That Lasts 20 Years

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Winning Ecommerce Experience Show, Shahram Anver speaks to Shannen Knight from Sport Eyes. She discusses how she has built a long lasting ecommerce business by focusing on serving customer needs.

Episode Notes

In this episode of The Winning  Ecommerce Experience Show, Shannen Knight talks about running a successful  Ecommerce business for 20 years. Specifically, she talks about:


- Key Success Factors of  Ecommerce Business Strategy

- The Importance of Knowing Your Customer Needs

- Your Success in Sales Depends on Trust & Credibility


Shannen Knight is the founder of Sport Eyes, an ecommerce company specialized in sports eyewear, sunglasses, and goggles including prescription and vision training products to increase performance, reaction time, etc.

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